The Powerful Trolling Motor Battery For Your Outdoor Needs

The trolling motor

Whether it’s mounted on a 25-year-old beat up a canoe or a brand new $40,000 bass boat, its job remains the same: to efficiently and dependably propel you through a body of water. It takes you to places you couldn’t get with your outboard; it speaks with only a whisper allowing you to sneak up on your quarry. It needs to run all day because your time on the water is precious. But even the top choice trolling motor battery is only as good as the trolling motor that is powering it. 

When it comes to equipping a boat to make it your perfect rig, you could be forgiven for overlooking the trolling motor battery. The battery is often hidden away; out of sight, out of mind. It’s much more fun to choose a boat’s other accessories like rod holders, fish finders, and other gear. The battery is at best an afterthought. But when it comes to spending time on the water doing what you love, it’s going to be the battery that makes or breaks your day. 

Choosing The Types Of  Marine Battery

Wet-Cell Batteries

Wet-cell batteries are the traditional batteries that everyone knows and loves. They are also sometimes called flooded-cell batteries. This type of battery is filled with filled with lead plates and battery acid, or more specifically a liquid mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water.  These batteries have historically been the most popular choice of sporstmen because they are the cheapest. When angler wants to go bass fishing or seasonal fishing in the deep sea or river they need a powerful trolling motor battery for their marine boat. 

Besides being the least expensive, another thing that they have going for them is that a properly maintained wet-cell battery is capable of up to 1,000 discharge/recharge cycles. Depending on how much the battery gets used, that could be years of dependable service without having to replace your battery and at a much lower entry point price than a comparable AGM or gel battery.

They have their disadvantages as well. One of the main problems with wet-cell batteries is that they are usually vented to release hydrogen gas. This means the battery compartment must be well ventilated. The vents also introduce the possibility of spilling battery acid which is highly corrosive. It also means that wet-cells require a little more maintenance because the battery must be inspected and distilled water added when necessary. Another concern is that wet-cell batteries are more fragile in high vibration environments, like a boat.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Matting) Batteries

An AGM battery contains a filling of absorbent glass matting (hence the name) which is packed tightly between the battery’s lead plates. The matting contains an acid electrolyte which through a chemical process allows the battery to replenish its water supply. One of the best things about an AGM battery is that there is no maintenance other than a little cleaning now and again. Unlike wet-cell batteries, an AGM (Absorbent Glass Matting) battery is sealed, so you don’t have to worry about spilling it, refilling it or storing it upright in a well-ventilated location.

This AGM batteries can be installed at any angle which may be something to take into consideration depending on the layout of your boat. They hold up well in high vibration environments, and they are even submersible, unlike a wet-cell battery. The problem with an AGM battery is that you are going to pay for all of those positives.

They are more expensive than traditional wet-cell batteries. Other negative considerations include the fact that they are heavier than wet-cells and if you accidentally overcharge it, you have no way of replacing the water with the battery because it is sealed.

Gel Batteries

A gel battery is similar to an AGM battery in the fact that it uses a chemical reaction to replenish itself, so it doesn’t require the maintenance of topping it off with water. Instead of absorbent glass matting, a gel battery is filled with liquid electrolyte, gelled with silicates. One of the best things about gel batteries is that they are resistant to over-discharging which can damage the other types of batteries. 

Gels are maintenance free, tolerant to low-temperatures and shock/vibration resistant. They also have a very low self-discharge rate so they can be stored for a long time without having to be recharged.  Gel batteries sound great, right? Again, you pay for the positives. Gel batteries often cost much more than other types of batteries with the same rating.

You may run into another problem when it comes to charging a gel battery. Gel batteries usually require a charger that is made especially for gel batteries or a charger that has a gel setting on it. By using a conventional charger on a gel battery, you run the risk of over-charging a gel battery.

These are the basic types of batteries you will need to consider while shopping for a trolling motor battery. Now, what’s the right choice for you? There is no one right answer. The solution will be different for everyone depending on his or her needs. Some people will be turned off by the high price of gel batteries and will be perfectly content to monitor and maintain their wet-cell batteries.

Other people have more money than time and don’t want to be bothered with the tedious maintenance of a wet-cell. Still for others, the guy with a small boat filled with kids and life jackets and fishing rods, there won’t be room for both a cranking battery and a deep-cycle battery so he may choose a dual-purpose battery. They still haven’t invented the perfect battery that does everything for everyone.

A satisfactory trolling motor battery is a source of strength that desires to charge up your boat so that it can run for a long term without any complications. Since trolling motor boats are intended for hitting small trips and also a few bargains of fishing, they need powerful batteries to run so that every content material on it remains smooth and sparkling. So, one has to be careful at the same time as selecting the proper battery for the right type of boat and for the fly fishing trip.

There are special kinds of trolling motor batteries like Deep-cycle, Absorbed Glass Mat, and Lithium-ion batteries. Depending on your requirement and price range, you want to select the proper type of motor battery. So, when you have plans in thoughts for a brief experience with your loved ones for your boat, get great and lengthy-lasting batteries that may hold your boat energetic and secure for a positive amount of hours.

Tips for Finding the Best Battery for Trolling Motor Applications

In order to find the excellent battery for trolling motor boats, there are a couple of things that you want to take into consideration. The principal things that want to be considered are the battery kind and the amperage of the battery. If you take these things into attention, you’ll be doing yourself a massive favor. Let’s test each of those concerns and discover why each one is vital.

Some points to take into account before shopping for the high-quality trolling motor battery for are given underneath.

Always choose that one so as to come up with an extraordinary design for a deep cycle.

  • It has to have a steady price of discharge
  • It should have a greater lifespan
  • It should deliver its best overall performance the usage of less strength.

You have to bear in mind additionally the subsequent elements before shopping for the nice trolling motor battery as they may be very essential.

  • The weight of your boat
  • The fashion of fishing you operate
  • The conditions of weather and the water, in that you are going for fishing
  • The thrust stage of the boat’s motor.

Normally, if you keep a test on the above-noted factors, then you may discover your top trolling motor battery in an effort to paintings for six years unless they dry completely.

There are many rumors that shopping for a first-class trolling motor battery may be a completely unaffordable factor, however, in truth, it’s less expensive if you consider the life of this battery. You can find many such small all in one battery for small boats, in order to cost you underneath the range of $60 only on purchasing from online. Some can come at a far lesser price, but they have a risk of leaking the electricity. You also can move to the costly ones, which come within the range of $100 and above. However, their performance and long existence will pay for his or her authentic price gradually. A trolling motor battery is very needed for the marine boat but when you will be prepared to go outdoor you should ensure top spinning reels for the beginner. 

Whatever you decide on, good luck with your decision and have fun out there!

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